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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Life Insurance for Expats 2021

As an expat in UAE living miles away from your country, you have to prepare for unpleasant events. Whether it is a death, or serious illness, or incapacity due to an accident, or even business risks, you must be covered by a reputable and preferably an international insurance company.

One of the most important steps you should take before going abroad for a mission or long-term employment is to find a qualified insurance advisor who can understand your financial situation in detail and provide solutions that are best suited for your specific needs. Another important consideration is to make adequate arrangements to protect or replace your overseas income. Never assume that your employer will provide comprehensive protection benefits. Assuming they do so, you should still consider having your own plan B in place, as employer-led-benefits may change from employer to employer.

A life insurance policy is designed for expat to pay a lump sum in the event of the death of one or more of the persons named in the policy.The death of an expat spouse who is the main income generator also means the death of your family's income. And one of the main reasons for life insurance is to provide for your loved ones even if you are not there, to pay off any long-term debt such as a mortgage. Even if you are not yet married, it is a wise decision to purchase insurance because you never know when your situation will change and you could find yourself "uninsurable" when you need to apply for insurance.

Benefits for Expats is a highly customized, membership-based benefits program for UAE based expats.By becoming a member, you will get access to a unique combination of an exclusive loyalty program and our embedded income protection and income replacement benefits.

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Moving abroad involves critical decisions and life in a foreign country can be quite daunting and at times quite overwhelming, due to the uncertainties associated with the move. When moving to another country, expats must select the most comprehensive benefits program that money can buy. This is a part of being a responsible expatriate.

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