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HDFC Life International: Your Partner for Your Child’s Global Education

You have a vision for your child’s future. You want them to explore the world, pursue their passions, and learn from the best. You want them to have a global education that prepares them for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

But how do you plan for the soaring costs and uncertainties of international education?

If you are an NRI or an Indian expat, you may face many hurdles and risks in sending your child abroad for higher studies. You may have to deal with currency fluctuations, inflation, exchange rate risks, and political and economic instability. You may have to pay exorbitant fees and taxes and navigate complex regulations and procedures.

That is why you need HDFC Life International, a subsidiary of HDFC Life, one of India’s leading life insurance companies. HDFC Life International offers innovative and customized solutions for the Global Indian, including the US Dollar Global Education Plan.

The US Dollar Global Education Plan is a unique and flexible investment plan that helps you create a dollar-based savings for your child’s international education. It offers you the following benefits:

  • Save in US Dollars: You can save and invest in US dollars, the preferred currency for most international education destinations. This way, you can avoid the risk of currency depreciation and exchange rate fluctuations and ensure that your savings match the currency of your expenses.

  • Build your wealth over long term: You can choose from a range of global funds that suit your risk appetite and investment goals. You can also adjust your contributions as your child grows, and benefit from the power of compounding and dollar-cost averaging.

  • Flexible withdrawals to enable liquidity: You can withdraw your money partially or fully at any time, without any charges or penalties. You can also opt for regular withdrawals to meet your child’s education expenses, such as tuition fees, living expenses, travel costs, etc.

  • Zero allocation charges: You can enjoy 100% allocation of your premiums, which means that every dollar you invest goes towards your fund value. You also get a loyalty bonus for staying invested for longer periods.

  • Plan continues in the event of death of policyholder: In case of your unfortunate demise, your nominee will receive a lump sum payout, and the plan will continue till maturity. The future premiums will be waived off, and the fund value will be paid to your nominee at the end of the policy term.

  • Lump sum payout in the event of death of policyholder: Alternatively, you can choose to receive a lump sum payout in case of your death and terminate the plan. The payout will be higher of the fund value or 105% of the total premiums paid.

With HDFC Life International’s US Dollar Global Education Plan, you can plan for your child’s global education with confidence and peace of mind. You can secure their future and help them achieve their full potential, without compromising on your own financial goals and aspirations.

So, what are you waiting for? Reserve your seat today and get ready to give your child the best-in-class education they deserve. HDFC Life International is here to open up possibilities for the Global Indian with US dollar-denominated innovative solutions. Connect with us today and let us help you plan for your child’s future.


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Disclaimer: Benefits for Expats Inc.

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HDFC Life International: Your Partner for Your Child’s Global Education



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