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Our Consulting Services

Benefits for Expats is a highly specialized Insurance Consulting firm that offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to the needs of insurers and reinsurers in the expatriate insurance market. From expert advisory on expat insurance solutions to strategic insights for digital transformation, our consultancy covers every aspect of the industry. Explore the array of services we provide to support the development, growth, and excellence of your expat-oriented insurance business.

Conducting in-depth research to identify opportunities and challenges in the expat insurance market.

Evaluating the risks associated with insuring expatriates and developing risk mitigation strategies.

Developing digital marketing campaigns and strategies to reach expatriate audiences effectively.

Assisting insurers in creating insurance products specifically designed for expatriates.


Ensuring that insurance offerings comply with international and local regulations.

Implementing customer engagement initiatives to enhance the expat insurance experience.

Facilitating collaborations and partnerships between insurers to expand their global reach.

Streamlining and optimizing the handling of insurance claims for expatriates.

Implementing strategies to build and maintain customer loyalty among expatriate policyholders.

Improving the operational efficiency and effectiveness of insurance processes.

Developing systems to address and resolve customer complaints effectively.

Enhancing the user interface and onboarding experience for expatriate customers.

Advising on governance structures and practices to ensure sound business operations.

Assisting insurers in adopting digital technologies to modernize their operations and services.

Sales Quality 

Providing guidance on improving the quality of sales processes and interactions.

Utilizing data analysis to gain insights into customer behavior and market trends.

Ensuring that insurance offerings comply with international and local regulations.

Customer Acquisition Cost

Analyzing and optimizing the expenses associated with acquiring new customers.

Strategies to enhance customer retention and policy persistency rates.

Developing strategies to encourage policy renewals among expatriate policyholders.

Crafting a strong and effective brand positioning strategy to resonate with expatriate audiences.

Advising on sales team behavior and strategies to improve performance.

Implementing procedures to manage and minimize policy lapses.

Advising on how to position insurance products in the market to meet the needs of expatriates effectively.

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