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Claims INtimation Process

Important Notice: No claims shall be payable if they are notified to the Insurer after 90 days from the date of claim event date. This time frame will not apply in case any intimation of claim is received through/from any government/court orders.

Required Claim Documents


  • Copy of Death Certificate issued by Government agencies

  • Copy of National ID, Passport copy with valid visa in case of expatriates

  • Copy of autopsy report or medical report clearly showing the cause of death

  • Copy of Police report (FIR) if death was due to accident


  • Copy of full and complete medical report showing diagnosis, prognosis and specifying any percentage of disability from treating doctor or hospital

  • Copy of discharge summary from the treating doctor or hospital if treatment involved hospitalization

  • Copy of all diagnostic, pathological examinations if conducted

  • Copy of Disability Certificate issued by Government agencies


  • An official Certificate to prove the birth date of the participant/covered person (e.g. Birth certificate, ID)

  • Policy or copy of the policy

  • Documents to prove the diagnosis, attached with the investigations, analysis and/or x-rays required

  • If covered, Critical Illness is a surgery, proof of medical necessity of the surgery must be provided as well

  • Doctor making diagnosis must have medical degree, be a specialist in the corresponding field and must have permission to practice in UAE

  • The costs for all documents required with the submission of the diagnosis to be paid by the insured member 

  • If the insured member does not submit documents required and this later results in examination by a doctor chosen by the Insurance Company, the insured member has to bear that part of the examination costs

  • The diagnosis of a Critical Illness must be made by a doctor who is neither: Insured, beneficiary of the policy; spouse, partner or family member of insured or beneficiary

  • The Insurance Company has the right to have the insured member examined, at the insured member’s expense, by the Insurance Company’s doctor or a doctor the Insurance Company prescribes, as the Insurance Company may deem appropriate

  • Any other document as may be required by the Insurance Company


Claiming the Terminal Illness Benefit the Policyholder or their representatives must notify the Company in writing if a Life Insured has been diagnosed with a Terminal Illness and the life expectancy of the Life Insured is no more than 6 months.


The Company reserves the right to ask for independent confirmation that any medical treatment is necessary and appropriate and for an opinion on the level of disability.

Claim Form duly filled and signed by the policyholder along with treating physician signature and stamp.

Proof of identity of the Policyholder and Life Assured and the claimant (if different from the Policyholder) Original full and complete medical report showing diagnosis, future prognosis and specifying any percentage of disability from the treating doctor or hospital/clinic.

  • Original discharge summary if in-hospitalization was involved rom the treating doctor or hospital.

  • Original copies of results of any diagnostic tests.

  • Original Policy Document


Any other documents pertaining to the claim which the Company may require.


The Company may, if need be, insist on the above claim documents to be provided in original for verification.

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